Ederson announces he wants to play

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Ederson announces he wants to play as Manchester City captain instead of Kevin De Bruyne.

Adair’s goalkeeper golden hands of Manchester City frankly admitted that the opportunity to move on to play in other positions, it would be very important role. Army Midfielder Replaces a key figure like Kevin De Bruyne, not a striker as many people misunderstand.

“Suppose if there is an opportunity to play a position other than the goalkeeper? Honestly, I’m always thinking about cool stuff like this. But I can assure you it’s definitely not a striker,” the Brazilian goalkeeper UFABET told CityTV.

“Well, I don’t understand why people think the goalkeepers want to try to score goals (laughs), but the position I want to play the most is. Midfielder of the army, yes! Go up and play instead of Kevin De Bruyne!

“If I can really choose myself or if someone asks me where I want to play? The answer will always be like this. Take De Bruyne off the pitch and use me to play for him now! I guarantee that it will be extremely fun for sure!!”

In addition, Ederson also spoke about the opportunity to go up to take charge of the penalty kill for the Navy as well. Depending on the situation, even coach Pep Guardiola would have said that he actually wanted to try it out as well.

“I did everything the coach said. But you also need to look at the situation at the time. Because if the team is still 0-0, but I have to kill the penalty myself. It might feel a little stressful. But if it’s when it’s 3-0 leading away, it’s very comfortable. I hope to have the opportunity to actually try it in the near future.”