Liverpool hope to keep Salah-Mane

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Liverpool hope to keep Salah-Mane at Chelsea ahead of Africa Cup of Nations.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hopes to keep Senegal forward Sadio Mane and Egyptian attacker Mohamed Salah. with the team in the game against Chelsea in the new year before having to let both of them go to the African Nations Cup tournament

African Nations Cup 2022 will be held in Cameroon. In the beginning of January to February 2022. If both of their nations Going deeper in the list could mean Liverpool. Will not be able to use him for up to six games together, however, Klopp hopes in the first game of 2022, away to Chelsea, he will still be able to use it. Both of them got the job. Before they had to be released.

“It’s not a conclusive matter. But I hope it will be like that. But it’s all not in our decision,” said Klopp. 

The schedule in January As of early February, Liverpool’s fixtures include Chelsea (away) /Brentford (home) / Crystal Palace (home) / Leicester (home) as well as Carabao matches. Two more Cup semi-finals If the team is able to pass the round of 8 teams. Which will compete in December this year.