Matthaus has revealed the reason Salah

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Matthaus has revealed the reason Salah will lose the Ballon. This year by sending Jorginho or Lewan into the sign.

Bayern Munich and Germany legend Lothar Matthaus analyzes. Why Mohamed Salah is at Liverpool FC. Will narrowly lose this year’s Ballon d’Or to fellow Chelsea comrade Jorginho. English Premier League football.

Salah has broken the mercury level for the Reds. Since the start of the 2021/22 season. With the News just hitting a hat-trick for the Red Machines to defeat. Manchester United in a boiling red battle. Sunday night’s 5-0 scoreline was his 15th goal in all competitions this season. While Jorginho became a key player in Thomas Tuchel’s side leading the Blues to the UEFA Champions League. Champions League last season Including leading the Italian national team to win Euro 2020 in the summer

Other potential candidates include Lionel Messi, who helped Argentina win the Copa America, and Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski. Wannick, who scored the record-breaking goal of Bundesliga legend Gerd Muller,

what Klopp’s superstar Salah has shown over the last few months. Since then have called a global Portsmouth Brackley comment on the articles of the Sky.

It is possible to send him to become one of the priority at this time. But if you consider the portfolio. Overall over the past year. That might not have been a good fit.

said Salah and Liverpool between March and June. while Chelsea’s Jorginho has been consistent. Throughout the past season Including being an important part in leading the team to win the championship Champions League and Euro

He may not be as flashy as Lewandowski. Whom I support but this time Lewan does not have the honor on the international stage, while Messi, despite winning the Copa America, is only with Barcelona. Na, it’s not a big deal.

All of them are the contenders to win the Ballon d’Or this year.