Media fanfare Solskjaer forced to use Harry Maguire

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Media fanfare Solskjaer forced to use Harry Maguire despite doctors still recommending at least 10 more days of rest.

According to British media reports. Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is not even fit. That is the reason behind the poor performances at Leicester Atalanta and Liverpool.

The world-record centre-back. Suffered a calf injury in his side’s defeat to Aston Villa in September. And that made him miss out on the pitch against Villarreal in the Champions League. And in the draw against Everton.

However an injury to Rafael Varane forced. Maguire to be forced to play earlier than expected and cost his team 11 goals in total. The past 3 games with him always causing problems.

A report from the Daily Telegraph claimed Indeed. McGuire also had to stay and practice in light of the following before another 10 days. Before they are sent into the field to face former team at Leicester City.

captain demons. Red had just one day to practice on the grass in preparation for the game. His fitness was therefore lacking and it had a direct impact on the team’s performance.

Their defensive problems did not end there. After Rafael Varane was only confirmed to have a hamstring injury which meant. He could be out for at least a month. including before. On this front, Victor Lindelof has just suffered an injury after the game against Tottenham.