Moura admits Manchester United

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Moura admits Manchester United are a dangerous opponent, but the Spurs are also hungry for victory.

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Lucas Moura has warned his Tottenham team- mates that their next rival, Manchester United , is very dangerous. But he is confident that his side will win as well.

“Of course, against Manchester United in any situation. It’s not a game that we will fight easily because they are a very dangerous team,” the Brazilian told Standard Sport.

“They’re definitely in the throes of winning because they’ve just been knocked down by Liverpool at home, but my Spurs lost to West Ham last week as well. So the thirst for victory is equally high.”

“What I want to remind my friends the most is that the Manchester United players are very good in every position. They use their unique abilities to change the outcome of the race in the blink of an eye. Plus, each of them has a high level of experience even when they’re young. Therefore, there is no way to loose the form until it is already far out to sea.”

“However What happened to Manchester United is not a problem that we have to consider instead. No matter how difficult the opponent is, it does not affect the way we play football at all.”

“Everyone just needs to get ready for the big battle. Step onto the field with confidence Do your best every second, fight for the three points and the happiness of the fans.”