Pogba presses media to create fake news

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Pogba presses media to create fake news. In the decisive age of Solskjaer after Liverpool‘s defeat.

Paul Pogba has expressed. His displeasure at The Sun’s report in England. He was unhappy with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision in Manchester United’s. Defeat against Liverpool 5-0 in the English Premier League football. match Over the weekend, he suspended his decision on negotiating a new contract with the team.

The France international was sent off. For a red card 15 minutes. Sfter being substituted.

With The Sun’s problematic report saying. That Pogba had apologized to his team-mates but did not speak to Solskjaer. in any way. With an attitude of suspending discussions in negotiating. A new contract with the agency Which later, the army of Manchester United stated that the news is not true in any way.

A big lie for headlines. Pogba tweeted on his official Twitter account.

Once again the tabloids want to make 100 percent. Of the attention-grabbing fake news. It’s a big lie for the headlines. Journalists want to use. When there’s nothing else.  

The only reason I have to point this out is because it shows a disrespect for the coach, the club and the fans, is a clear message. 

The less you read news from these people. The more quality you are the better. They have no shame at all and write news stories without the slightest bit of fact.