‘Sheikh’ hasn’t changed his mind about returning to the Red Devils.

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Mike Keegan, a reporter from http://ufabet999.com confirmed that there is a “0%” chance that Sheikh Yassim bin Hamad Al Thani will change his mind and return to a deal to take over Manchester United. Sheikh Yassim wants to buy

. 100 percent equity from the Glazer family But his offer was rejected.

It is understood Sheikh Yassim’s final offer was worth nearly twice the market value of $3.5 billion. and plans to invest an additional $1.5 billion. But when the offer was not accepted, he withdrew last Saturday night.

The opportunity went to Sir Jim Ratcliffe and is reported to be a British billionaire. Preparing to close a deal to buy 25 percent of Manchester United’s shares,

however, Ratcliffe’s offer to buy shares has encountered delays regarding final details. As a result, the deal cannot be closed as originally scheduled within this week.

That has led some Manchester United fans to wonder whether Sheikh Yassim might return to the negotiating table to talk to the Glazer family again.

However, Keegan recently confirmed that Sheikh Yassim has moved on from the “Red Devils” takeover deal.

“Hopefully this doesn’t come back to hurt me. But I asked this question yesterday to someone involved in this process. As for the answer? ‘Zero chance,'” Keegan said.

Sheikh Yassim said he was being overcharged by the Glazers. Causing plans to buy Manchester United to be scrapped, and he is saddened to have to end a nine-month saga.

There are rumors that the Qatari billionaire may be interested in investing in Tottenham Hotspur instead. After Daniel Levy, chairman of the “Golden Spurs”, just admitted last month that he is ready to listen to an offer to buy some shares if anyone is interested.